Our Values


We believe in shared value. We believe everyone should benefit by Giving What They're Good At - companies, communities, charities and professionals.  

We believe people are the most valuable asset. We are motivated by relentless personal and professional development, and we believe in helping each other achieve these goals to accomplish more together than what we could do alone.

We are strategic.  Everyone is busy and the world seems to get noiser everyday. We believe your should be able to make the biggest impact on a cause you care about, in the shortest amount of time you have available to give. 

We are trustworthy. We believe trust is the most important factor in building a strong and passionate team. Trust is built on a strong foundation of honesty, integrity, and accountability. We believe in open, honest, direct and respectful communication to support this. We believe in taking responsibility for mistakes--if you compromise a value, own up to it.

We believe in helping others. We believe that serving others not only promotes social progress, but personal career growth, health, and happiness. We only hire people who are passionate about our mission and our work and have a demonstrated history of service.

We believe that everyone can be a leader and that everyone should lead by example. We believe that leadership is earned not given, and we believe that the only real training for leadership is leadership. We believe in leadership through actions that inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.

We believe in the pursuit to do good and do well. We believe that business success is not a zero-sum game. The public good is a need like any other and meeting that need yields compensation and wealth like any economic need. We also believe in harnessing market forces for social good and the pursuit to do good and do well at the same time.


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    • Third Sector
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    • Sparks
    • The Meningitis Trust
    • Beyond Food Foundation
    • Law Works

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    • Cabinet Office
    • UnLtd
    • Nesta

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    • RSA
    • CIPR
    • Social Enterprise UK
    • Social Innovation Exchange
    • The Big Give