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Having started my career in the Law, I found myself often wondering why other professions, such as marketing, PR and accounting didn't have the rich pro bono tradition common to law.

In 2010, the dots began to join. I joined a national women's charity that was in the midst of savage cuts. One day I went to visit a former beneficiary who fallen foul of the cuts to services. I found her heating baked beans on a hostel radiator for her two year old son. The experience prompted me to think about what I could do to help the thousands of charities with reduced impact because of weak infrastructure.

I came up with the idea for Give What You're Good At after taking an intern to photograph some young women to save money for a fundraising publication. The next day I began teaching myself scripting languages and Bayesian algorithm application (thank you YouTube!). Give What You’re Good At was born on March 1st 2012. Today we are a growing global movement with over 1.5 million opportunities to give your skills. 

We generate revenue through our shared value learning and development services. Mission: Difference and GWYGA Learning Acadmey. Our vision is a world where companies can develop top talent and their communities.

It is my hope that Give What You're Good At will make the world a better place for everyone and particularly those who are most vulnerable, because as Einstein pointed out ‘the measure of a man (or woman) is not what he is capable of receiving  but what he gives’.

Ami Bloomer, Founder and CEO 


Most organisations tackling social problems don’t have access to the finance, design, marketing, technology or strategic resources they need to achieve their mission. This reduces their intended impact on critical issues like health and education. 

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