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Mission: Difference


Mission: Difference ® - The Team Building Day that Matters

Mission: Difference is our award winning immersive team challenge which enables a team to have a £50,000 impact on a worthwhile cause.

The day is uniquely designed using a data driven method which aligns skills with need.

The day will be spent generating the greatest of great ideas and will follow a format that combines:

  • The pressure of The Apprentice – without the egos of the contestants.
  • The left field creativity of Scrapheap Challenge - without the grease, overalls and welding gear.
  • The theatre of the Dragons Den – without the egos of the Dragons.                                          


Mission: Difference has been delivered to over 180 teams around the world. An independent evaluation of 2,500 Mission: Difference participants shows the impact on performance:


1. Impact on job-related skills …


… adaptability


… team working skills


… communication skills


… influencing / negotiation skills


… problem solving skills


… leadership skills


… planning & organisation skills


… decision making


2. Personal impact


… self-confidence


… sense of well-being / happiness


... job satisfaction


… pride in Aviva


... motivation


3. Impact on behaviour


… undertake more volunteering


… recommend volunteering to a colleague


… talk positively about Aviva


do my job better


4. Impact on Charity/Cause



What a difference a day makes... 

 “I have to admit I had reservations as to what I could actually input to the day and what help I could be to the charity. But I was amazed by the number of similarities between the issues the charity face and the issues we do, and by how much expertise we could bring to the table to help them improve, develop and progress. The day was great and really helped the charity'.

A real win/win for charity and the team - highly motivational and likely to lead to substantial on-going benefit to the charity as contacts and "buddying" continues as well as a great sense of self actualisation by the individual.”

“The 'Give What You Are Good At' model works well, I could go and paint a fence or build a playground but I would do a worse job of that than someone who is good at it.  Being able to give what I am good at benefits the charity and makes me feel better about the things that I am good at!'

I thought the day was excellent - really great to apply our business knowledge (after all, we are a FTSE 100 company) to another organisation who needed it and it feels like my contribution will be longer lasting & more helpful, than say painting a fence. I would like to and hope to continue working with this fantastic charity.”

'I think "Give What You're Good At" was excellent. I really believe that we added value to the Charity and this is the beginning of a longer term relationship.  I have committed to spending a day with them to go over how we tender for business as the charity mentioned that it is getting very competitive for funding and more government funding is coming via a procurement process that the charity have little experience'.

I loved the experience, felt that I /we made a difference and will use some of my volunteering time with the charity.”

Here are some of the other factors that influence a companies decision to work with us:


Corporate leaders in environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies are outperforming competitors in stock performance by 25%.[1]


Engaged organisations have 3.9 times the earnings per share growth rate compared to organisations with lower engagement in the same industry.

People who believe their jobs are meaningful channel their discretionary effort into their work. High complexity jobs can show up to a 48 percent improvement, while sales ranges from a 48-120 percent improvement over average workers.

88% of millenials say they want to work for a socially responsible company


Social media has completely changed our patterns of consumption from passive to active. Companies can no longer spin out multi-million ad campaigns, they have to engage their consumer in an active and prolonged dialogue. By demonstrating meaningful community impact companies demonstrate a commitment to the positive social change which makes consumers more likely to buy there products.


70% of workers are “not engaged” or are “actively disengaged” [GALLUP]

Active disengagement costs the £250 billion to £550 billion per year [GALLUP]


50% of those with an opportunity to make a difference are very satisfied with their jobs; compared to 26% when they do not have the opportunity [NETIMPACT | TALENT REPORT: WHAT WORKERS WANT]


85% of MBAs would take a 15% pay cut to work for orgs whose values match their own [BUSINESS AS UNUSUAL]

79% of Millennials want to work for a company that cares about how it impacts or contributes to society [CONE MILLENNIAL CASE STUDY]

70% of Millennials count “giving back and being civically engaged” as their highest priority. [IVEY]

This means that to the overwhelming majority of Millennials, making the world a better place is more important than any aspect of their career or life.


Mission: Difference is currently delivered in 17 countries with 43 more next year. 

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