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What is Give What You’re Good At?

A revolutionary on-line service matching professionals who want to give skills freely with charitable organisations that need their help. Volunteers undertake specific projects with a clear deliverable.

Is it open to anyone?

Anyone in the UK, unless the project specifies you need to be able to travel to the organisations office or services.

Why should I use Give What You’re Good At?

You'll be making a use of your skills to deliver impact for a cause you care about. By undertaking a project you'll be saving a cause you care about at least £2,500. Your also build your professional skills, professional network, advance your career and meet like minded people. When you complete a project we reward you with Blue Dots - which you can redeem for sold-out gig tickets, exclusive celebrity products, amazing job shadowing opportunities and more.

How does Give What You’re Good At make it easy for me to give my skills?

We take the hard work out of finding a meaningful volunteering opportunity. You have your own profile where you can tell us about your skills, work experience, interests, and availability. The projects are designed by our staff and tailored to the needs of the charity and build around our volunteering model. With us you know exactly what your getting into before you commit your time.

What is the average time commitment for a Give What You’re Good At Project?

Always less than 5 hours a week spread over 2-3 months.

What if I don’t like the charity I’ve been matched with?

We are serious about our matching process so we'd hope this wouldn't happen. We suggest you talk to the charity within 3 days of commencing the project. It let’s you get a feel for the cause and its people. We have a code of conduct for charities and volunteers. If you are unhappy with your match will we endeavour to find you a new one.

I don’t have time to volunteer right now. Can I still sign up?

Yes! Your profile contains a status button. Just check available when you have time to volunteer and we will send your matches to your inbox.

Why do charities use your service?

Charities need people who have specific skills to help them accomplish goals. 74% of charities in the UK have an income of under £100,000. They come to Give What You’re Good At because we help them access professional skills at a mere fraction of the price. we design the projects as off the shelf solutions for common needs. The projects have been structured to ensure that your contribution makes a BIG impact. We support the charities and give them advice and guidance whenever we can. We invest in marketing to attract professionals like you to give charities access to services they need but can’t afford at market rates.

Can I work on a Give What You’re Good At project if I have minimal professional skills?

If you have skills or knowledge you think fit a particular project please apply. Some projects require professionals with a minimal number of years experience, others are more flexible.

Will this affect my benefits?

No. You can volunteer 16 hours a week without it affecting your benefit entitlement. With us your work a maximum of 5 hours.

What is this service all about?

We want to help charities achieve more with less. We have packaged your most common needs and recruited professional volunteers with the skill and passion to make a difference to your organisation.

What is a deliverable?

A measured output. e.g. graphic design of an annual review, marketing strategy, IT systems review etc.

Can I modify your projects?

Yes, we actively encourage you to tell us more about your requirements.

Frequently asked for charities and social enterprises

Is there any sort of guarantee in place for ensuring a high quality output?

Our professionals undergo a robust screening process. Their knowledge is also tested via a pre-qualification assessment. We look at CV's and references. We are happy to step in for customer service issues that cannot be worked out directly with your volunteer.

How do I know you’re connecting me with qualified, experienced professionals?

Each project has specify eligibility specifications. You will always have the final decision.

How do I know what I’m getting?

The pre-packaged projects have specific deliverables but we can tailor to your organisation. Our professionals manage themselves and deliver tangible results. Saving you time and money. We estimate the value of each project at the market rate so you know how much you’re saving.

How do I know Give What You’re Good At will find me the right person for the job?

Applicants to your projects undergo a robust vetting process. We will send you a prioritised short-list and you always have the final decision.

What if I don’t like my match?

You should speak directly to your approved match 3 working days into the project. This ensures your time isn’t wasted and the project isn’t disrupted. We will send you contact details for the professional. If you are unhappy with the match you have 3 working days to contact us. If we can’t help, we will rematch you.

What can I do to help make my project more enticing for volunteers?

Fill in all your details, including your own personal biography. Remember people give to people.

I’m interested in becoming a member. What are the next steps?

Sign up today. A member of staff will give you a courtesy call within 3 days.

Why doesn’t Give What You’re Good allow me to post a project description myself?

The projects represent common needs for charitable organisations and save time for charities. It’s just a one-click process. You can add specific details to the project. Our projects are also designed to take busy lifestyles into consideration.

Is it possible to have more than one project going on at once?

Yes. We suggest limiting this to three.

How much staff capacity is required from the organisation?

Minimal. We hope you’ll be welcoming, flexible and thankful to the professional. Projects are designed to be undertaken remotely and you will need to send the relevant documentation safely. e.g. accounts.

How much does it cost?

Our matching service is free. We charge an upgrade fee of ?25 to prioritizes matches. This means we try and find you an employee of a company who is sympathetic toward your cause.

Do you CRB check your volunteers?

No. Our projects are designed to be completed remotely. Volunteers shouldn't need to meet beneficiaries. If your project requires a CRB please put this in the extra details box when you request a professional.

Can I become an advisor for your project library

Yes. If you think you can help us improve or add to our current projects e-mail us at

How is it different to existing online volunteering platforms?

We connect professionals who want to apply their on-the-job skills to charities and social enterprises that need their help in areas such as marketing, public relations, design, social media, strategy, and finance. You can think of us as an eHarmony for skilled professionals and charitable organisations.

I've seen a similar model, how are you different?

Our key point of differentiation: we will only ever match someone who has a passion for the charitable organisations work to that charitable organisations project. We also reward skilled volunteers with freebies, such as sold-out gig tickets and exclusive job shadowing opportunities.

How much staff capacity is required?

Up to 6 hours end-to-end. We require a strong commitment to delivering positive experiences for our professionals. Read our volunteer validation download to ensure you provide a welcoming, flexible and thankful approach. All our professionals have several years of experience and are used to working independently. The frequency of communication and contact is determined by the you and the pro bono professional, but we provide pointers in our project planning section.

What is the time frame around finding the match?

After registration, a development manager will contact you to discuss the diagnostic consultation an the project specifics. We will always discuss time estimates with you before the project is launched. The speed of each match will depend on the popularity of your projects to our professionals. We aim to match you within 8 weeks. However, it has been known to take several months. Please ensure that you fill in your profile, your biography, and provide an appealing impact and need summary to make your projects enticing.

Do you have examples of organisations and professionals that have used Give What You're Good At?

Please visit the Testimonials page on our blog. There, you'll find quotes from organisations, professionals and leaders outlining their experience. Also, we feature new success stories on our blog.

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